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At this tour our expert guides will take you into the jungle to Uning place, there is a mineral spring in which a sense of the water is a little different taste or a little salty. The water is preferred by the animals. If we’re lucky in this place, we will see the animals that will come to drink at the spring such us Sumatran Tiger, Elephants, deer or other wild animals . We also believe that this water good for the health of the animals.
For this trip you have to be fit and healthy enough. To trek in a hot climate and walk and cross the river for several hours a day.

We will be camping in 4 different peaceful place into Gunung-Leuser National Park. The first night we will camp at Adi blak (Jamur batu stream), the second day we will camp at Batu gajah (Landak river), the third day at Uning (Landak river) and the fourth day at Alur Perak (Bohorok river). Each campsite is very beautiful and if we are lucky we will see wild animals nearby. We could fish and make campfire to enjoy the evenings.
If we’re lucky we’ll see animals such as Sumatran orangutan, Thomas leaf-monkey, Silver leaf -monkey, Siamang (black gibbon), White-handed gibbon, Pig-tailed macaque, Long – tailed macaque, Monitors lizards, Sumatran peacock, Red giant flying squirrel, Deer and Malayan giant squirrel.

We will also provide the assistance to help you where we’ll pass the difficult and slippery roads and you will enjoy the Indonesian food cooked by our team as long as we were in the jungle.

The tour will begin after breakfast around 9:00 am. Our expert guide will pick you up at the hotel where you stay and you will joint with another group not more then six people unless your own group is larger than this size.
Once we arrived at the border of the jungle, our guide will give small briefing before enter the jungle. Walking for about 5-6 hours to search the animals and our expert guide will explain to you about flora and fauna.

At 13:00 we stop for a break. For lunch we provide our fried rice wrappers from home,
we also provide fresh fruits. We have pineapple, bananas, oranges, passion fruit and watermelon.

After lunch we will continue the journey while looking for the orangutans and other wild animals, towards to first campsite. When we arrive at the campsite you could go to the river for a swim and fresh your body with our fresh water just come from the mountain . Afterwards you can relaxing while enjoying tea+lemon or coffee+milk, the guide will prepare for dinner. After dinner you can relax or play cards with team and if we have good weather we can make campfire or fishing.

After breakfast around 9:30 AM, we will continue our journey to get to the second campsite. It’s about a 4-5 hours walk, while looking for wild animals. You can also learn about traditional medicinal plants.

On the way we will stop for lunch, we have prepared fried noodles and fresh fruits for dessert . After finishing lunch we will continue our journey to the second campsite, where we still have plenty of opportunities to see the animals if we’re lucky.

You can go for a swim in the river and after that you can relax while enjoying tea or coffee and a lovely forest atmosphere.

After dinner you can relax or make a bonfire and play cards or play a jungle game together. You can also see fireflies floating around our tent.

After breakfast around 9:30, we will continue the journey for 5-6 hours to Uning. On the way we can catch fish using nets or fishing rope and you can learn how to catch fish in the river when you desire.

Around 13:00 we will stop for lunch, If we’re lucky we’ll see animals such as Monitor lizards, Monkeys, Wild Sumatran orangutan and Hornbill.

The team will prepare a tent. After that you can go with the guide to find umbut, ferns and banana’s and we will cook for our dinner (should try the jungle food). You will enjoy the delicious jungle food cooked by our team.

Before it gets dark, you can go with the guide to peek Uning, if we are lucky we could see a deer or other animals that come to drink this water.

After breakfast around 9:30, we will continue the journey again for about 4-5 hours to get to our last campsite Alur Perak, near the Bohorok river. You will need a good camera, because the animals we encounter are always afraid to get close to humans.

Around 13:00 we will break for lunch, afterward we will continue our journey to spotting an animals and explain you about the flora and fauna. Mid afternoon we will arrive at the campsite while waiting for dinner you can enjoy your last afternoon in the jungle with swimming in the river or just relax in the river bank and enjoy coffee or tea.

After breakfast around 09:30, you can swim in the river. Then we’ll pack up to go home by traditional tube rafting back to the village, will take about 2 hours or more.


  • Licensed guide
  • Permit to Gunung Leuser National Park
  • Food, different kinds of fruit and drinkable water
  • Tent, mattress, blanket
  • Traditional tube rafting

What to Bring

  • 1 Large bottle of the mineral water
  • Suitable walking shoes
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sun cream
  • Medicines if applicable
  • Toilet paper
  • Flashlight
  • Swimming gear and a towel

Bookable Extras

  • Data Sim Card

We are happy to pick you up outside Bukit Lawang as well.

If you like our offer you can book your itinerary right now in the calendar 📆 at the top of the page 🔝.
You do not pay immediately, each booking goes through a quick approval process. You are notified by emails throughout the process. Once the booking is approved, you can pay using the link provided in the email and start packing 🧳☀️ Of course we will share the news with the orangutans here 🦧

If you have any question you can contact us by email, whatsapp and/or directly on the web. Check out our Contact Us page. We are happy to answer all your questions 🙂.

We hope we have given you a taste of what we have to offer.

This is one of my favourite experiences yet. Not even 10 minutes in we saw Thomas monkeys, and not even an hour in we saw orangutans. In total we saw 5 adults and 4 babies!

Lynne L

Lynne L

It was great to explore the wildlife of Leuser Nationalpark. We highly recommand doing this tour with Marwan who is a super positive and experienced guide with a great heart and humour.

Fabian K

Fabian K


Marwan was really passionate about the jungle and the animals. We had great fun walking through the jungle together. In the evening, after the most delicious dinner, we would sing and speak sidiki bahasa indonesia.

Sophie V

Sophie V

Uttrecht, The Netherlands

Jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang was awesome, I did see one of orangutan with local guide Seger nice man. Gunung Leuser NP is very admirable. And jungle trekking by riding an Elephant in Tangkahan was so great

Simon B

Simon B

South Australia

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