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Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang, located in Northern Sumatra has many wonderful attractions.Most famously, this place has a mascot known as the Sumatran orangutan (more locally known as Pongo abelii ). There are about 7000 left Orangutans live in Sumatra.  There are other great attractions which are also very popular  popular with such remarkable Biodiversity to be found in the National park.

Attraction Bukit Lawang is an ideal place for orangutan because having temperatures ranging from 21.1 degrees Celsius – 27, 5 degrees Celsius and humidity of 80-100%. Rainfall in the forest area is about 2000-3200mm per year.

Some of the more exquisite animals that live in the forests of the Leuser include the Sumatran Rhino, Sumatran Elephant, Sumatran Tiger, Bear and Deer. This area has been a conservation area since 1973. The purpose of this has been to prevent orangutan extinction due to hunting and destruction of forests by external parties.

Bukit lawang not only frequents in coming local tourists but also foreign tourists. The destination is usually crowded once the holiday season arrives. In addition to the orang Utans, the main attraction in this area is the beautiful natural scenery. If you want to experience a more challenging visit to the area, you can do river rafting to conquer Bohorok.
Unfortunately Bukit Lawang experienced a tragic incident in 2003, where floods damaged the area and destroyed some many parts. However now this place is recovered, and if you like trekking activities in the forest, you can do it in Bukit Lawang where we have a variety of trekking experiences available which suit all individuals.

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