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The Heart of Jungle Trekking

We’re Sumatra Jungle Tours, your go-to for unforgettable jungle treks in Gunung Leuser National Park, Bukit Lawang. Family-run and all about ethical, eco-friendly adventures, we bring you close to the wild side of Sumatra.

Our certified, English-speaking guides ensure an awesome time, focusing on both fun and safety.
Plus, choosing us means you’re supporting local communities, with a portion of proceeds helping local kids and single moms.

Endangered Orangutans & True Wilderness!

Meet endangered orangutans, elephants and other jungle habitants. Explore local cultures through accommodation by the river or homestays, and dive into adventures like mountain biking, caving, and jungle kayaking, all while keeping it safe and chill.

Join us for a journey where you do good, learn lots, and make memories that last forever.
Ready for an adventure that matters? Let’s make it unforgettable together! 🚀

Bukit Lawang

We are based in Bukit Lawang. The village is a focal point for biodiversity, and allows quick access to variety of indigenous flora and fauna. Here, visitors can gain insightful knowledge about the complex ecosystem directly from expert local guides. The villagers here maintain a profound connection with their environment. This unique setting provides not only a sanctuary for wildlife but also a venue for cultural exchange and understanding, making it an invaluable destination for those seeking to explore nature’s wonders in an authentic context.

TripAdvisor Travelers Choice 2023

This is one of my favourite experiences yet. Not even 10 minutes in we saw Thomas monkeys, and not even an hour in we saw orangutans. In total we saw 5 adults and 4 babies!

Lynne L

Lynne L

It was great to explore the wildlife of Leuser Nationalpark. We highly recommand doing this tour with Marwan who is a super positive and experienced guide with a great heart and humour.

Fabian K

Fabian K


Marwan was really passionate about the jungle and the animals. We had great fun walking through the jungle together. In the evening, after the most delicious dinner, we would sing and speak sidiki bahasa indonesia.

Sophie V

Sophie V

Uttrecht, The Netherlands

Jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang was awesome, I did see one of orangutan with local guide Seger nice man. Gunung Leuser NP is very admirable. And jungle trekking by riding an Elephant in Tangkahan was so great

Simon B

Simon B

South Australia

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